Box Products

Digital Circuits offers a comprehensive and specialized service for clients involved in the development and manufacturing of electronic or electromechanical products. Their service portfolio includes.

Complete Box Build

Digital Circuits takes care of the entire process of assembling electronic or electromechanical products into their final enclosures or boxes. They ensure that all components are properly integrated, creating a fully functional and ready-to-use device.

Electromechanical Assembly

Our expertise extends to integrating electronic components with mechanical parts to create complex electromechanical systems. This involves combining various components like motors, sensors, switches, and actuators to achieve seamless functionality.

Full-Systems Integration

Digital Circuits offers full-systems integration services, ensuring that all subsystems and components work cohesively together to create a functioning and reliable end product.

Firmware and Software Loading

Our skilled team handles the installation of essential software and firmware onto the devices, ensuring that the products are ready for immediate use upon delivery. This includes loading operating systems, applications, or any custom software as required.

Validation and Testing

Digital Circuits puts great emphasis on quality control and ensures that all products undergo rigorous testing and validation. This process ensures that the products meet the necessary standards and perform optimally before reaching the market.

Commercial or Custom Packing

We provide flexible packaging options to cater to different client needs. Clients can choose from standard commercial packaging or request customized packaging that aligns with their branding or specific product requirements.

Supplier Network Collaboration

To provide diverse solutions, Digital Circuits collaborates with a network of trusted suppliers. These partnerships enable them to source custom panels, specialized electromechanical sub-assemblies, precision plastic molding, casting, machining, and surface treatment services.

Custom Panels

We offer tailor-made panels designed to fit specific product configurations, meeting precise specifications and enhancing the overall product functionality.

Electromechanical Sub-Assemblies

Digital Circuits can provide pre-assembled electromechanical components that seamlessly integrate into larger systems, streamlining the manufacturing process for their clients

Precision Plastic Molding

Our expertise in precision plastic molding ensures the production of accurately shaped and high-quality plastic components, adhering to the product's design requirements.


Through casting processes, we are capable of manufacturing metal or alloy components with precise shapes and dimensions, catering to unique product demands.


They offer precision machining services, utilizing advanced tools and techniques to create intricate metal or other material parts, adding to the overall quality of the final product.

Surface Treatment

Digital Circuits provides surface treatment options such as coating, painting, or finishing, ensuring that the products have an improved appearance, enhanced durability, and enhanced performance

In essence, Our service package offers end-to-end solutions for clients, covering the entire product development lifecycle. From concept to final production, they are equipped to deliver high-quality, fully integrated, and thoroughly tested products to their customers. Their strategic collaboration with a network of suppliers ensures access to specialized components and services, making them a reliable and comprehensive partner in the field of electronic and electromechanical manufacturing.